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What CC and CCO mean ?

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What CC and CCO mean ?

Something most users do on a regular basis is send an email
. To do this, you just need to have an account on one of the most popular platforms, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, among others, something that is really easy to get. When sending a message, it is common to see two options, which are CC and BCC.

These CC and BCC options are present on all email platforms. Although for many users the meaning of these concepts is a real mystery. Therefore, we will tell you everything about it below. What they are or mean, as well as how to use them in your Gmail account.

What does CC mean and what is it for?


When writing an email, we must at all times indicate the person to whom we will be sending it. It is next to this option when we find this CC option. It is normally an option that we have to click in order to use it in the email account. What does this mean?

CC is something that is usually translated as “With Copy”. Even if this is a term or an abbreviation that has been around for a long time. Even before the internet existed. Its original meaning is Carbon Copy, which refers to the time when typewriters were used for correspondence. The normal thing was that carbon paper was used between the two sheets, in order to obtain the original.


Thus, in the case of an email account, using CC means that we want to include in that email to a recipient that we want to be aware that we have sent this message. Let’s give an example so that it is better understood. Your boss asks you to send an email to a specific customer. In order for your boss to know that you have contacted this person, in addition to being able to read the email, when you CC, put your boss’s account. Therefore, you also have access to a copy.


It is a function that we can use in many situations. Especially in a work environment it can be of great help. The normal thing is that we use CC as a way to have proof or to be able to prove that we have sent an email to a person. Or if we want another person to be able to read a message, if we want them to give their opinion about it.

What is CCO and what is it for?

On the other hand, when writing an email, along with the CC option we also encounter CCO. Perhaps from the acronyms there are already users who sense that there is a relationship between the two terms, which is the case. Although in this case there is an essential aspect that makes it different.

In this case, when we talk about the BCC section, we can translate it as with blind copy. It is the most common translation given to this concept. Although it can also be translated as “With carbon copy”. Both are quite common. Again, this second translation is something that originated before the Internet existed. Copies were used in the past, so that the last sheet (of tracing paper) was used for filing or hiding.

In this case, when you use BCC, you want someone to know that we’ve sent an email. But we don’t want the primary recipient to get evidence from this. That is, if we take the example above. We email a customer and put our boss on the CCO. So, the boss can see the email, but the customer to whom the email was sent doesn’t know that the boss also received it.


This is the main difference with the CC. Since in the first case, in the CC, the recipient can see that we also sent it to our boss. But if we use the CCO, said recipient won’t be able to see or know if we’ve sent it to another person. So, depending on your situation, it might be convenient to use one or the other. Especially in the workplace.

Typically, the email clients we use today still display CC or Bcc. Although in the case of the latter this is not always the case. There are some platforms where instead of Bcc we find the BBC. They are the acronyms in English, which mean Blind Carbon Copy. It is good to know that this can happen, especially if you use a platform that is only available in English.

How to CC and Bcc in Gmail


Most users use Gmail as their mail platform. Although we can use CC and BCC in all of them No problem. But let’s show the way we have access to the Google mail service. While the way to use this feature is really simple. When we have opened Gmail on the computer, we must compose an email, by clicking on the option located in the upper left part of the screen.

Then, the window for composing that email opens. The first line is where you enter the recipient of the email. To the right of this line you can see the CC and BCC options . It’s just a matter of clicking on the one you want to use at that moment. Clicking on it places a line below it. In it we just have to enter the email address of that person we want to have a copy of this email. Usually someone from the company or from the study centre.


If instead we want to use Bcc, exactly the same thing will happen. A line will appear below for you to enter the email address of the person to send that email to. For users who wish, It is possible to send CC and Bcc in the same email . So if you want to use this option, it’s always possible. It’s that simple to use these options.


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