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3 Best PS4 Emulators for PC

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3 Best PS4 Emulators for PC

If you are a gaming fanatic or have a special preference with PS4 games, then I have good news for you. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you about the 3 best PS4 emulators for PCs. Yes, you read it right! Just like Xbox 360 emulators for PC, now you can enjoy PS4 games absolutely FREE on your Windows PC.

So, read the article carefully and know the complete information about the best PS4 emulator for PC to play PS4 games on PC.

What is a PS4 emulator?

A PlayStation 4 (PS4) emulator is the software that mimics the Sony PlayStation 4 games and allows you to play the PS4 games on your PC/Laptop, Android devices, Tablets, Mac devices. Also, with a PS4 emulator, you can play even if you don’t have a PS4 game console. Well, the PlayStation 4 is one of the most advanced game consoles on the market. It has over 80 million users worldwide and is the 8th model in the PlayStation game franchise.BBut this highly demanding advanced PS4 console is beyond the pay tier of budget gamers.BAnd this is the reason, there is an availability of PS4 emulator on Windows PC, to enjoy playing games on your computer without paying a single penny. However, choosing the best PS4 emulator for PC is really a big question. So, here we have compiled some of the best ps4 emulators for pc free download.

What is the best PS4 emulator for PC?

As said above, there are varieties of PS4 emulators available on the web for PC, but not all of them are safe to use or allow you to play PS4 console games.

So choosing the right one is really hard so here we have listed the best PS4 emulators and their features, pros and cons to make a better decision and pick the right one for you.


3 Best PS4 Emulators for PC

#1: PS4 Emus

PS4Emus is the best PS4 emulator for PC today. It was first released in 2022 and after more than five years of mods, tweak updates and the latest update (Optimization Pack), it has managed to get a number of positive reviews and is considered to be the best PS4 emulator for PC.

That is why it is at the top of the list, so here learn some more interesting facts about this PS4Emus emulator for PC:

  • PS4 Emus emulator is compatible with desktop and mobile devices including Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.
  • The best thing about this PS4 emulator is that it has an online service that includes PlayStation games so that one can download their favorite games and play them online.
  • It also includes built-in support.
  • This PS4 emulator offers an admirable frame rate per second (fps).
  • Also, its graphics and soundtrack are a bit different from what is available on the original console.
  • PS4 Emus hosts an online server that hosts PlayStation games, download your favorite games from there and play directly online.
  • PS4Emus comes with built-in support for PS4Emus emulated BIOS, graphics, sound system and general game design
  • This is also free

So this is all about PS4Emus emulator for PC so now learn the pros and cons of this PS4 emulator for PC.


  • PS4Emus is available for multiple platforms
  • This allows you to play tons of games
  • easy to install
  • friendly interface


  • You can’t connect to the PlayStation network
  • Now, if you are looking to download PS4Emus emulator for PC, here are the steps to use it:

How to use:

You can easily set up the PS4Emus emulator on your computer, all you need is to download the software according to your operating system and run it as administrator to install it. 

#2: PCSX4

The PCSX4 is the newly developed PS4 emulator that allows you to play the PS4 console for free on your PC. Well, this is the first semi-open source PS4 emulator for Windows and Mac devices.

 So, here you learn the best that PCSX4 PS4 emulator for PC includes:

  • PCSX4 PS4 emulator uses OpenGL, Vulkan and DirectX 12 as back-end API renderers and supports most PS4 special features on high-end computers.
  • This PS4 emulator for PC is only compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / and 7 64-bit operating system.
  • Windows users need to install .net framework 3.5, VC++ 2022 and DirectX 11.1 platform update KB2670838-x64, to run PCSX4 PS4 emulator for PC
  • To run this PS4 emulator, your processor must have at least 4-core processor and AXV and SSE-4.2 GPUs are recommended.
  • Also, the design of the PCSX4 emulator confirms that the game cache image (GCI) must be encrypted with a 256-bit protocol and also directly linked to your PCSX4 account.
  • Well, this PS4 emulator runs at 60 frames per second, if running high-end computers with advanced GPU systems like the GTX 60 (or higher) and AMD Radeon 780 (and higher).
  • So, to run this PS4 emulator for PC, make sure you are running a well-configured Windows computer. 
  • So this is all about the PCSX4 PS4 emulator for PC, this program has more than 2, 90,000 downloads for the Windows version.

However, this program has some pros and cons, so check them out.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac devices
  • This program policy has strong restrictions for pirated PS4 games.


  •  Not available for 32-bit version of Windows
  • Users encounter some errors (“MSVCP140.dll is missing”, error 0xc000007b) while installing this PS4 emulator for PC
  • Despite this, to run PCSX4 PS4 emulator for Windows PC smoothly, you must have the minimum system requirements. To find out about them, simply visit the PCSX4 FAQ page

How to use PS4 Emulators:

You can easily setup PCSX4 emulators on your computer, just download the software and extract the executable (.exe) file > run as administrator to install it.

Also, you need to extract the “PlayStation Device Identifier” (.pdix) file and link it to your account. Then after all the setup, download your favorite PS4 games and enjoy playing the exclusive games. 

#3: PS4 Orbital Emulator

Orbital PS4 emulator is a widely used emulator all over the world developed by Alexander, a famous developer. Well, this emulator works on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

 So let’s see what more interesting things are in the Orbital PS4 emulator for PC.

  •  This PS4 emulator is a low-level emulator that virtualizes the PS4 console’s operating system instead of a full x86-64 CPU.
  • Also, this is only compatible with high powered computers with a minimum of 16GB RAM and a PS4 mirrored x86-64 processor (with AVX extension).
  • This is also an open source project with input/contributions from numerous sectors of the tech community.
  • Also, the program is still under development and cannot be used to emulate commercial PS4 games.
  • Also in this emulator, no binaries are offered, users need to build each of the three components ( BIOS, GRUB, QEMU ) by themselves.
  • Even setting up the emulator is somewhat difficult as you need to decrypt and dump the entire PS4 and flash file system as well as the kernel.

This PS4 emulator for PC is still under development and cannot be used to emulate commercial PS4 games. So it may take some time, but the construction of the Orbital PS4 emulator has come a long way.


  • For both Windows and Linux operating system
  • It is an open source project


  • still in development
  • Cannot be used to emulate commercial PS4 games. 
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