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Top 5 Tips to Be Beautiful Without Makeup

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Margaret Gelman
Margaret Gelman
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Top 5 Tips to Be Beautiful Without Makeup

Most women seek natural ways to be beautiful without makeup in the changing world. There are five beauty tips to get natural beauty via plant-based products.

1. Use Almond Oil for Having Longer and Thicker Eye Lashes

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Almond oil is one of the gifts given by nature to us. This gift contains vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that help us have natural beauty. Almond oil makes your skin, hair, and eyelashes beautiful and robust. It’s already famous for its use on hair and skin, but did you know almond oil helps you have longer and thicker eyelashes? If you are a teenager, you have more chance to get longer and thicker eyelashes thanks to this oil, and this could be one of the best tricks for teenagers to be beautiful. The excellent news is that almond oil will help you get healthy and shiny lashes, even starting to use this after a certain age.

A great time to use this oil before sleeping. Because, If you use this oil in the middle of the day, it can disturb your eyelashes. You can use this from the bottom to the end of your eyelashes. It would be best to be careful about any allergic reaction, although this is a natural plant-based product.

2. Discover Coconut Oil to Get Natural Beauty

Let’s open the door to a magical world with coconut oil, one of the best ways to get natural beautyYou can use your coconut oil for cooking, have more clean teeth, moisten hair and skin, etc. This list can go on because this product is 100% natural and eco-friendly. You don’t have to use many different chemical-based products to be beautiful. Are you looking for a natural product for your oral health? Oil pulling is a traditional oral treatment. Coconut oil pulling is affected the oral bacterial balance. To keep your mouth healthy, you can make coconut oil pulling two times a week for 10 minutes a day.

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Coconut oil, suitable for all hair types, moisturizes your skin and hair. As the most challenging hair type, let’s talk about long, wavy, thick, and dry hair. Most hair products are useless for this hair type. If you have this hair type, give a chance to coconut oil. You can use this before taking a shower as a mask. If you heat the coconut oil a little bit before using it, you can get the best result. Do not apply any oil to the hair roots. Do not forget your hair feeds from its sources. If you want to have strong hair roots, be careful what you eat.

3. What is Dry Brushing?

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Do you know what is one of the best beauty tips applied by celebrities? Dry brushing is a new beauty trend but not as famous as coconut oil and almond oil. You can think about how this method can be effective without using complementary products. The good news is you already have natural oil on your skin. Some of us have more, and some of us less. It is not a dream to be beautiful without having many expensive products that generally contain chemicals and are not eco-friendly. A bristle brush consists of wood and natural bristles made from plant fibers.

Dry brushing has many benefits, such as eliminating the day’s dirt and dead skin cells and stimulating your nervous system. Applying regular dry brushing prevents further cellulite, thanks to its temporary plumping impact on the skin. If you have time, you can do this every morning, but If you have a busy life, no worries, as much as you can also is okay. The critical part is brushing regularly. You can create your routine according to your lifestyle. You need to start your gentle message at your ankle and continue upward toward your heart. Try starting a day by taking a short time from your daily routine just for yourself. But, don’t apply dry brushing, If you have sensitive skin or eczema. Also, while brushing, directly stop making dry brush, If you realize redness, swelling, or inflammation.

4. Wash Your Face with Cold Water

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Have you ever heard of cold water therapy? If you want to research this, you need to go before centuries, which is good for your physical and mental health. We like hot water, especially on the cold winter days but not our skins. Washing your skin with hot water causes bigger pores that none of us want. Hot water is not good neither for your skin nor for hair. If you want to achieve natural beauty, let’s give a chance to cold water. If your skin is sensitive to cold water, you can use lukewarm water instead of cold.

5. Smile to Be Beautiful

The last but the best recommendation to be beautiful is just smiling. All of us have our unique natural beauty. Don’t go outside for looking beauty products; look in a mirror. Stress influences early aging and is also a source of many illnesses. You can fight the stress just by smiling. First of all, we need to learn to have a natural smile, and then we can look for complimentary products. Smiling affects wrinkles on our faces, mood, and daily energy. Discover your unique beauty inside, smile yourself, and get relaxed for tomorrow. Keep smiling and share your energy with others.

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