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How to make extra money from home?

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Glen White
Glen White
15 years’ experience as a professional strategy consultant. Director at FT Training and Education Co. which provides various training programs from accounting to coaching

How to make extra money from home?

There are a number of ways to make extra money from home, some more obvious than others. Below are 2 ways to bring in some extra cash without leaving the comfort of your home. Of course, there are lots of other ways to earn extra money, yet, I would like to talk about two main ways of doing it for now.

Choose your niche.

You should find your niche to help people. To do this, you need to answer these questions;

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you like doing?
  • How could you use your skills to help people?

These three questions will help you find your niche. To give an example, let’s choose a topic and try to answer these questions.

Suppose that you are good at writing, drawing, and 3D modeling and are also an English teacher (or it might be any other regular occupation). Since you have got several skills, it may seem easy for you to choose a niche for your blog. However, there is an issue to deal with. Having a few skills doesn’t mean that you like doing all those things a lot. You may be an English teacher for your regular 9-5 job, but it might be out of necessity. Don’t worry, I will figure it out and you will do more of what you like. I will arrange your subjects according to your feelings towards them. And when you follow my advice, you will not only make extra money from home, but you will also have difficulty deciding on what path to follow.

1. Easy ways to make extra money from home: Start a blog

Start a blog about the topic you love the most, since you will be creating lots of content and providing various services. You may think that everybody already has a blog about everything. It doesn’t matter, they are not you. You are a completely different person with your own solutions, recommendations, and unique methods. Thus, model a 3D object, write a blog post, create a podcast, and share what you want to tell your followers. You may not have any followers yet, but even if you have one reader, think about what the word “done” means. You will also do the same thing when you have thousands of readers. Starting from scratch may seem so difficult and discouraging, yet it is where we start. Maybe consistency will build your whole blog and it will turn into a business.

2. Easy ways to make extra money from home: Create an Udemy Course

howtomakeextramoneyfromhome 2

As I mentioned above, you may be a teacher, but that doesn’t mean that you love it. I appreciate it. It is something we all experience in our lives. Still, I believe that even if you are not into teaching, you have the necessary skills to teach with the help of your experience. So, why don’t you prepare a nice online course and sell it online? You will never need to check it again or edit it if you don’t want to. (I recommend checking it sometimes, though.) You will have a passive income from your Udemy course. You don’t need to invest any money to put your course on Udemy, it’s completely free.

You may not like working in a classroom, but it is fine. However, if you are patient and create a nice, neat, well-programmed online course once, the only thing you have to worry about is whether or not you made extra money.

You may think that people won’t buy your course. It is normal to feel that way. However, as a teacher, you may use your course for your regular students and classes. So, having a pre-recorded English course will always be a good thing for you. I mean, there is nothing to lose. There are courses sold by the thousands on Udemy. Nothing is impossible. Have faith, and do what you can to wait for the results.

Start a Twitter account and solve problems.


Twitter is a great networking and marketing tool for people who provide services or products. Create an account on the platform and write about what you do on your profile. Talk about the things you create, provide, and help people solve their problems. You should keep in mind, “problem-solving.” People don’t care what you are good at or who you are. The only thing they care about is their own problems. Thus, if you help them solve it, they will ask for more. That’s the point where you mention your services or products. However, please don’t oversell it. Of course, you will need to sell your product, but let people decide on their own. It will put you in a better position.


You may have a few skills, and there are hundreds of people needing even the least qualified skills of yours. You may not like what you are good at, but there are people who are at the very beginning. Thus, whatever skills you have, start a blog about your most joyful skill, create Udemy courses, and have a Twitter account to communicate with people daily and help them solve their problems. It will help you make extra money from home and be successful at the same time.

If you do the things I mentioned above consistently, you will be able to decide what is best to do in the following stages.

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