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Increase Sales of Clothing Stores by Adding Google Reviews to Shopify  

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Wanda Wiggins
Wanda Wiggins
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Increase Sales of Clothing Stores by Adding Google Reviews to Shopify  

In the long term, Google reviews are important for several reasons. Providing prospective customers with confidence in the quality of your clothing business, positive Google reviews can help to increase sales. When customers are thinking of making a purchase they look for online Google reviews to help them make a purchase decision. To display mostly positive reviews, you can add a Google reviews widget on Shopify website of your clothing store that can create a strong selling point. 

Google reviews can also impact the overall brand reputation and public image of your clothing store. If your business gets positive reviews then it will help to develop trust with your customers and if your business gets negative reviews then it will damage your brand reputation and will make it difficult for you to fetch new customers for your clothing store. Read this blog to learn about some of the benefits you get by adding Google reviews on Shopify website of your clothing store. 

Importance Of Google Reviews For Retailers 

In several ways, it help your business from helping your target customers by discovering your retail store to convincing buyers to purchase from you. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below, let’s take a look! 

1. Gain The Trust Of Your Buyers

Almost 50% of customers read online it when they are looking for information about a brand, a product, or a service as per the Global Web Index report. The purchasers seek Google reviews from like-minded shoppers or other customers who are in a similar situation so they will get the information that is relevant and helpful to them. 

According to the Global Web Index survey, more than 32% of customers trust what online Google reviews describe as a product or service. If you are not adding Google reviews on Shopify website then you’re failing to make the most of the tool that can easily help you to get buyers. 

2. Increase The Offline Traffic Of Your Store 

According to a report, more than 78% of customers say, more than once a week, they actively get information about local businesses online. In deciding which store to visit, the Google suggestions that turn up as a result of “near me” searches help buyers. The Google reviews display next to Google Business Profile in Search and Maps so they will help you. 

  • Appear In Google’s Local Search- On your Google Business Profile, the latest and third-party review sites are essential aspects for improving local search engine rankings. 
  • Emphasis Buyers To Visit Your Clothing Store- More than 88% of consumers say reviews persuade them to discover local businesses. 

3. Enhance the SEO of Your Website

Google always puts the consumers on priority when it comes to SEO. The customer of your brand is generally a Google user and it takes clues as to what the users want, trust, and believe. When your buyers leave reviews whether they are good or bad, Google uses this to rank your website. So when you add a it widget on Shopify website, you can manage which reviews to display or which reviews to hide. Check below how these reviews will help you rank higher on the SERPs: 

  • Increased Click-Through Rate- If your website is associated with positive reviews, then customers are more likely to click on your website. 
  • Lowering Website Bounce Rate- When buyers read the reviews of your existing customers and learn more about your clothing store website then they are likely to spend more time on your website and this dwell time will help in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

4. Develops Social Proof 

Online Google reviews by customers will assist retail owners in developing social proof for their websites. To validate their decisions, people tend to look at communities and groups. To validate the initial interest and make the decision to purchase online Google reviews can give “social proof” to customers. A review that is given by a customer will act as a feedback story for other prospective customers in a way that your product or service description alone can’t do. 

After all, you are an owner of a clothing store who wants to make a profit, so you will represent your products in the best light. You have to display some negative reviews on your website because it shows that you are as transparent as a brand. More than 70% of customers are more likely to buy a product from a brand that responds to negative reviews as per BrightLocal report. 

Over To You 

To gain your target shoppers’ trust, reviews are outstanding for developing social proof. By adding Google reviews on Shopify you can easily increase your store’s online/offline traffic and also persuade doubtful shoppers to buy from you. Keep one thing in mind, you have to automate the review-generating process so that you can gather more latest Google reviews provided by customers. Always show your positive Google reviews on your website. 

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