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What is generation Z? And How They Are Different From Millennials?

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Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez
Originally from Brooklyn, Fernando lives in New York and worked as a programmer before joining a human rights charity that supports writers and artists. He often writes fiction and likes to read books.


 One of the definitions we’ve heard the most in recent years: Generation Z!

What is Generation Z, who they are called, what years do they cover, and in which year were they born? We tried to find answers to these questions.

Also known as GenZ, there are many definitions for this term. There is a lot of confusion and misconception about Generation Z. Generation Z is the name given to the next generation after generation Y. There is no consensus as to which year it starts with those born in it. But we know that there are huge differences between Generation Z and Generation Y.


 Generation Z is used by some for those born between 1996 and 2009. For others, it is defined by different intervals, such as 1995 or 1997. Some define Generation Z by the question of whether they remember the September 11 attacks. According to them, understanding the world is directly proportional to know these events. Although there is still debate about exactly which years it covers, there is an age group that we can consider approximately.

What is Generation Z? We cannot define the question with age alone. We should evaluate this generation from many pedagogical and sociological aspects. Today, this generation, which has a much different perspective and different behavior habits, will have a much greater say in the future. The world will become a world entirely built by this generation. It is necessary to understand this generation, which forms the foundations of the future world.

One of the biggest features of this: This generation does not know a world without the internet. Millennials, also named GenerationY, have lived in an old era without the internet and can establish a more organic connection between the two eras. But since they do not live in a world without the internet, they have a very different point of view. This is not a poor feature. For this reason, in many aspects, the Z generation can even be said to be advantageous compared to the Y generation.

Consider the fact that we are in an internet world and how advantageous they are with the developing technologies. A generation born into the Internet understands all the dynamics of this era. Today, we do all kinds of business with the internet. We have become dependent on technology. We have to use the internet to make hospital appointments, pay bills, or even watch movies. Generations X and Y have a lot to learn from Generation Z on these issues.


 Generation Z will be managers and leaders in the future. They make up the bulk of the workforce today. They will cover more in the future. No matter how much the internet and the virtual world have developed, the requirements of the practical world still continue. This is one of the biggest concerns about Generation Z. Will they be able to keep up with the practical world? They are very compatible with the virtual world. But the practical world still continues. In the coming years, we will see how sufficient they can be in subjects such as human management, physical work, and physical consumption.

If technologies such as augmented reality and even virtual reality become the center of our lives, although they are not fully effective today, they may get lost in these technologies.

From a different perspective, they are also developing with the virtualization of the world and the development of technologies. In fact, the future dynamics of the developing technology will be in the hands of the Z generation. In the future, if the virtual world really replaces our current life, they will be very advantageous. Still, humans are far more advanced than technology, and it looks like it will be like that for a long time. For this reason, according to the researchers, they need to experience the current challenges of life.

Psychologically, there are still doubts about the development of Generation Z. With these variables we mentioned, there are doubts that this generation has grown in a healthy way. Most of these doubts are just taboos without substructure. Especially generation Y finds this unhealthy on the grounds that their growth processes are not similar to the Z generation. However, with these thoughts, which do not have a scientific background, families raise their children in a worse way. Today, the internet can be harmful to children and generation Z. However, families should not keep their children away from this period only with the wrong information they hear. Because this period provides great convenience for people. People use the internet while raising their children. If families can eliminate bad information and use the internet and technology effectively, they can raise both themselves and their children in a very healthy way. Of course, there are risks, but this generation is very lucky with a conscious family.



 Millennials have a lot to learn from Gen Z. Our age is the internet age, and our managers are now millennials. For this reason, the people of the Y generation and the people that create the future are the Z generation. They are active, efficient, and productive. Generation Y should benefit from these advantages. Because they are the leaders of the future. They are the ones who will create our future.This is the answer of “what is generation z in summary?”

Generation Z is a generation that has knowledge of every aspect of technology. In the age of technology, there is a lot of information about technology. With these skills, their contribution to a job will be at a high level. For this reason, they are very advanced in the Y generation.

They live with the desire to be online all the time. They are always in touch and active. A generation that thinks about being active even while walking, driving or drinking coffee on the street. If ethics and work disciplines come together, a better employee or developer cannot be thought of. For this reason, Generation Y has a lot to learn from Generation Z.



   They always want to be active. They want to be active in real life, especially in virtual life. This generation, which is in constant communication, has an enterprising character with an instinct to exchange ideas and research.

In recent years, they have shown a performance ahead of the Y generation in entrepreneurship. For example, we started seeing teenage millionaires as we were not used to seeing them in the past. Young entrepreneurs have the potential to have all kinds of knowledge about the market and money. They are thrifty. They also have great networking potential. They that has gained the importance of communication from birth.


What is Generation Z? They are the youth of today and the managers of the future. They have huge potential. This generation is the generation that will create those developments rather than keep up with the developments that will happen in the future. It is necessary to see the potential in them and to look at the managers of the future from a different perspective, without misdirection and contempt.

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