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Use Twitter as a networking and marketing tool

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Glen White
Glen White
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Use Twitter as a networking and marketing tool

Twitter was first launched as online news and social networking site on which people communicate by writing tweets. However, how you use it is entirely up to you. More and more people want to use Twitter as a networking and marketing tool. It is not a new way of promoting your work or product on Twitter, yet it was not that popular until lots of people started to monetize their side hustles on the platform. In particular, it has been taken seriously to use Twitter as a networking tool lately. But how?

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Find your sound and niche on Twitter.

First off, you have to find your niche to write about. It may be difficult to determine what subjects people expect from you, but it is not impossible. In the beginning, make a lot of noise on Twitter about anything you like to write about. It might be your hobbies, fears, habits, or the things you have learned recently from a book or anything. You know that you have a lot to share. After that, try to find out which topics attract your readers the most. If you can figure it out, you should then narrow down your tweets into these fields and subjects. You will eventually see what works best for you; thus, you will find your reader base.

Also, please don’t try to be clever; instead, be clear towards your followers. Otherwise, they might feel that you look down on them while providing help. This manner can show you as rude or arrogant, although the only thing you want is to support them. To prevent an unlucky misunderstanding, be kind and clarify what you mean in your tweets as you write.

You are not the hero; your readers are.

Your followers read your content to find their own mistakes, fears, successes, and such. That is, the main character is your reader, not you. Give them what they want or need. Of course, don’t fake it. Be genuine while providing help. It might sound a little bit sad, yet it is not you that they care about. They care for themselves, so if they cannot find anything about their own lives in your content, it is not going to attract them. That’s why, while writing your tweets, keep in mind that people have problems and they are looking for possible solutions to them. So, give them a clear, kind, and happy solution for real.

While presenting your content, what should you be careful about?

Repeat what you would like to tell your readers. Don’t stop writing because you think people already know what you want to share. Of course, your readers may be aware of what you are writing, yet we, as human beings, like to be reminded continuously of what is right and wrong. Indeed, you will be showing your readers that you are there for them regularly while communicating through your tweets. It requires consistency. Never stop sharing your thoughts. People will not notice you just because you wrote one single tweet today, because there are hundreds of content creators, start-up founders, artists, and so on Twitter. You have to keep writing the same and/or similar things day after day to make a difference in people’s minds. It might be strange, but people will start to read your tweets for real after encountering them at least 10 or 20 times a week.

Use Twitter as a networking tool.

Up until here, I talked about how to find your niche and attract people to read your content. Now, it is time to build your community. To achieve this, you need to be consistent and regular with your readers. Because people have daily behavioral patterns, and when they are used to consuming your content, they will want more and more at the same time every day. The more they find a solution in your content, the more they will like your tweets. Thus, your content will also be more visible to other people who are in search of similar tweets. Because of Twitter’s nature, it is very easy to connect with people on the platform via comments and direct messages. Since you know what your readers like and need, it will be very easy to communicate and create an effective network. You can hold AMA (ask me anything) sessions, have live chats, create podcasts, and let them join you through these kinds of activities.

Use Twitter as a marketing tool: Creating a product for your community’s problems

Now that you have a community on Twitter and you know what they are looking for, it is very easy to design and think of a nice service, product, a book, or something else for them and use Twitter as a marketing tool for your service. You will have been communicating with your readers for a long time, so it is you who might know what they need, so give it to them. In addition, make sure you build your product in public because your fans will be happy to pre-order it. You have proved that you provide your followers with quality content, so they will never hesitate to buy your product. And it will make you create more and work harder. Meanwhile, you need to keep on writing Tweets because everybody will see that your content on the platform is a demo for the service or product you sell. In other words, the only thing you need to do is just create content about the things you like and are capable of. This is one of the ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool.


To use Twitter as a networking and marketing tool, find your niche, solve people’s problems, communicate via various channels, build a product, and sell it!

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