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Liposuction and Belly Fat in Men

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Paolo Mancini
Paolo Mancini
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Liposuction in Men

Liposuctionweight loss method, actually aims to shape the body especially against the belly fat. While liposuction shapes the body surgery, which is defined as the removal of fat from the body by absorbing it under negative pressure through a special hose, is generally performed for the waist and hip areas of women, it has started to attract attention among men in recent years.


It is used as an auxiliary treatment in aesthetic surgeries of liposuction, which is performed under local anesthesia in small cases and general anesthesia in larger cases. First of all, regional markings are made in the patient and the regions where the fat will be removed are determined. The patient, who is taken into surgery, is given a special liquid to break up the adipose tissue to some extent and to ensure that the procedure passes with as much bleeding and pain as possible. After the surgery, which is usually performed by entering through small holes of 3-4 mm, the patient is fitted with a pressurized corset for the first month. However, in addition to the classical application, successful results are obtained in liposuction with laser and vaser methods, where the risk of bleeding and pain complaints is much lower.

Scanning and informing before liposuction surgery are very important!

While in laser application it is possible to burn fat with light, in vaser it is possible to burn fat through ultrasound and sound waves, and the purpose of both applications is to accelerate the post-operative recovery process. Laser and vaser methods give very successful results, especially for liposuction on the abdomen and chest areas in men. The important point here is that the person needs to be evaluated very well before the surgery and it is important to inform the person most accurately about the results to be obtained.


Liposuction is not a weight-loss method!

Experts say that the liposuction method alone is not enough to lose weight. Liposuction is not a weight-loss method, but a shaping purpose. Therefore, this information should be given to the person before the operation. For example, it can be said that the required tightening will not be achieved with liposuction in patients whose subcutaneous tissue is loose and very soft in the abdomen or hip area.

For example, some overweight patients may have areas that cannot be touched surgically, such as intra-abdominal fat. While the fat in the belly can be removed (the thickness of 3-4 cm in this area can be reduced to 1 cm), the intra-abdominal fat cannot be touched and therefore there may not be a chance to obtain an ideal flat stomach. For such patients, who provided to lose weight with diet recommendations after surgery. As the body begins to reshape, the body memory also emerges with weight loss, eliminating some irregularities that can be seen in the patient after the surgery.

The best ways to melt belly fat

It is an uncomplicated method to melt belly fat, you can have a flat and fit stomach by simply changing your diet and sports routine. Weight loss can vary from person to person and according to body type. Some people start to lose weight from the abdomen, hips, legs, or face.

Almost all of us complain about belly fat. The most stubborn and the most difficult area to melt fat is arguably the abdominal area. Instead of spending the whole day on the treadmill or eating a salad with every meal, we’ve compiled a list of a few lifestyle hacks that can help you win the battle against your belly fat.


Scientific methods that you can apply immediately to melt your belly fat:

1.   Follow a high protein and low carbohydrate diet

The way to burn fat is to get quality protein. Your daily diet should contain high protein. Protein enables muscles to work harder and accelerate metabolism and melt belly fat. In addition, it is necessary to stay away from the hidden danger of carbohydrates that can immediately turn into fat in the body.

2.  Avoid foods containing simple sugars that are friendly to belly fat

You should stay away from sugar, which is one of the 3 whites, and at the same time, you should not forget that carbohydrates are a type of sugar for the body. When foods such as simple sugar-containing pasta and rice are taken in excess, lubrication occurs immediately in the abdomen. The content of these foods causes edema in the intestines due to gluten and causes your stomach to swell independently of fat.

3.  Consume 2 bowls of homemade yogurt a day

Yogurt contains a high amount of calcium and protein, so it runs the fat-burning metabolism. It has been shown in many studies that yogurt activates the lipase enzyme thanks to the calcium it contains, and it burns the fat, especially in the abdominal region. Since homemade yogurts do not contain additives, they should always be your first choice.

4.  Choose foods high in fiber

We recommend that you choose foods with plenty of fiber during the day. Salads, vegetable dishes, and legumes have high fiber content, so our body spends a lot of effort to digest these foods. At the same time, fibrous foods pass from the stomach to the intestines a little later. Therefore, it stays in the stomach longer and keeps you full for longer. Since it both keeps you full and takes a long time to digest in the intestines, your body spends more energy, accelerating your metabolism.

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