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‘Hollywood’ Effect On Smile

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Margaret Gelman
Margaret Gelman
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‘Hollywood’ Effect On Smile

What exactly is the Hollywood Smile?


The process of covering the teeth with porcelain veneers to create a more aesthetic and beautiful appearance is known as a Hollywood smile. This treatment is based on dental aesthetics and was inspired by Hollywood stars. Today, there are many celebrities with a Hollywood smile, as well as foreign celebrities, in our country.

Because of concerns such as aesthetics, the removal of dental defects, and respect for society, the number of people using the porcelain veneer method is growing by the day. Normally, the color of our teeth is the color of the bone, but it has recently become fashionable to whiten the color of the bone or to apply a layer to it, as the white tooth has become a symbol of prestige.

What Are the Primary Functions of the Hollywood Smile?

You can use the Hollywood smile to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance, to make you feel like a star with a Hollywood smile, and to eliminate insecurities caused by bad-looking tooth structures for a symmetrical smile. Creating an ideal smile for a person’s face is no longer a pipe dream in today’s world. Regardless of beauty claims, it should be noted that everyone has a one-of-a-kind and wonderful smile.

What Are the Hollywood Smile Rules?


The general criteria for the Hollywood smile are as follows:

  • The person’s laugh line should be deep. When the person smiles, all of their teeth, including the upper molars, should be visible.
  • Straight upper front teeth are required.
  • Applications such as fillings on the person’s upper teeth should not be visible.
  • The upper incisors should be more visible than the other teeth.
  • When smiling, the person’s lower front teeth should be visible.
  • When smiling, no more than 2 mm of the upper gingiva should be visible.
  • Lips must be symmetrical.
  • Lip width should be half the width of the face.

In this environment, in addition to dental or gum surgery, procedures such as lip augmentation and botox are also required to apply the Hollywood smile.

What Are the Advantages of a Hollywood Smile?


The benefits of the Hollywood smile have recently made the term “smile design” very popular. Communication between the patient and the doctor is critical in order to fully meet expectations with a Hollywood smile. The doctor must accurately understand the patient’s expectations and be able to analyze the treatment’s outcome as well as the patient’s expectations. This process is successfully carried out by our specialist doctors in all authorized clinics; the design is planned in advance, patient approval is obtained, and the design is constantly rehearsed.

Excellent results can be obtained in this manner. The benefits of a correct and perfect Hollywood smile are as follows:

  • With Hollywood smile design, you can have either aesthetic or symmetrical teeth.
  • It improves the appearance of teeth and gums.
  • Assists in finding the best smile for one’s face by making one appear energetic.
  • Because it is an application that considers the user’s expectations, it is also possible to receive 0 satisfaction at the end of the transaction.A perfect smile leads to a perfect look, which eliminates self-confidence issues caused by oral and dental problems.

What procedures are used to achieve?

A Hollywood smile may necessitate a number of different procedures. In addition to tooth and gum treatments, applications such as lip filling can be performed as part of the smile design process. The person’s expectations or needs are first determined when designing a smile. As a result, the interventions required vary from person to person. You can now go to the clinics and be examined to get the most accurate information. However, the operations carried out in order to reach a general opinion are as follows:

Porcelain Veneer: This is the porcelain veneer procedure that is used to cover the front of the teeth. Significant dental issues such as stained, crooked, broken, and chipped teeth are resolved. Porcelain veneering is a quick procedure. Translucent materials are used in the porcelain veneer manufacturing process. As a result, it does not cause issues such as aging.


Teeth Whitening: There are numerous methods for bleaching teeth. All methods aim to lighten the tooth color by a few tones or to achieve a white appearance. These methods can be performed by the dentist in a clinical setting or by the patient at home. The method to be used is determined by taking the patient’s needs into account.

Close-up Of A Smiling Woman's Teeth Before And After Whitening

Implant: This is one of the treatment options available to prevent tooth loss.


How Is the Cost of It Determined?

The cost of a Hollywood smile can only be determined after a thorough examination of the individual. The needs and expectations of people in Hollywood smile design may differ from one another. As a result, because the scope of the treatment to be applied may change, a precise price determination is impossible. However, the following are the factors that influence the prices of Hollywood smiles in general:

  • The current state of the patient’s dental or oral health
  • Treatments to be carried out within the scope of the contract
  • It is the experience or degree of competence of the doctor performing the surgery, in addition to the experience of the center where the treatment is given, and its technical equipment.

Within the smile types that can be created with the smile design application, you can create a variety of different smile designs. The Hollywood smile, with its flawless appearance, is one of the most popular smile types in recent times. In addition, the following are some popular smile designs:

Intellectual Smile Design: This is a smile design that is intended to give the person a mature and wise smile. The emphasis on the lower part of the face and the alignment of the teeth in a straight line are general design standards.

Attractive Smile Design: This is a smile theme that is intended to make a person’s smile more appealing. The front teeth should be longer than the back teeth to provide a dynamic smile, according to general design standards.


Sporty Smile Design: This is a smile design that is intended to give the person a genuine and warm smile. The central incisors should be slightly longer than the posterior teeth, according to the general design standard.

“Is the Hollywood smile a one-time thing?” A question like this is one of the most common in the minds of those who have aesthetic expectations and seek treatment. Among the factors that can have an impact on the overall design are the following: s

  • Tooth discoloration issues
  • Gum problems
  • Tooth alignment crowding
  • Interdental cavities
  • Shorter front teeth

Those who complain about situations that alter the dental aesthetics of their smile, such as tooth asymmetry and deformed people, require the methods we refer to as smile design. More natural and aesthetic results are obtained as aesthetic dentistry practices evolve on a daily basis.

“Does the smile design last?” Before answering the question, we believe it is helpful to discuss the procedures used in the field of smile design. Because the treatment method has a multidisciplinary content that emerges from the combination of various methods. Each patient requires a unique plan. Smile design, which is not a single treatment, can employ more than one technique. This is why treatment programs and costs are being revised.

Go out with the light of a Hollywood smile in your smile design.

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