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Healthy Snacking Goes Digital: 10 Nutritious Online Snacks to Fuel Your Workday

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Beatrice Wakeman
Beatrice Wakeman
Beatrice has expertise in food, health, nature, and design and has been writing about sustainability since 2001. She has been writing in many media platforms including The New York Times and National Geographic.

Healthy Snacking Goes Digital: 10 Nutritious Online Snacks to Fuel Your Workday

 Ever found yourself unable to concentrate on work and having to do things repeatedly again and again because you couldn’t focus? This is quite normal, but do you know what the actual reason behind this fatigue is? No snacking at all between work hours! Snacks are very important, especially when you are working, but they should be healthy ones. You cannot just gobble up a whole bar of chocolate and expect it to make you super active. A healthy protein bar is what you should be snacking on. Getting healthy snacks has become super convenient today, as you can order snacks online to save time and get them without going out.

Benefits of Healthy Snacks:

  1. Helps you focus better.
  2. Energies for the brain’s immunity
  3. It helps you to control overeating, as overeating is one of the major causes that won’t let you focus on work.
  4. Helps in active metabolism
  5. Helps to maintain blood sugar levels, so you don’t feel low.
  6. Helps to maintain a good mood.

How to Enjoy Healthy Snacking?

  • Take snacks at small intervals.
  • Enjoy it in small portions.
  • Don’t overeat all your snacks at once.
  • Avoid snacks that are high in calories.

With online snacks delivery, you can easily order your favorite healthy snack packs and get them delivered to your working table in no time.  This can also help in maintaining the nutrition balance every day and keeps you healthy and fit as well. Here are 10 healthy snack items that you can easily order from any online grocery store in Pakistan, to refuel your energy at the workplace. Let’s have a look at them:

1.  Pop-Up Good Mood: Popcorn!


Popcorn is the best grab-to-go snack item that is rich in fibre resources and low in calories. very light and easy to digest, as well as making your stomach feel full. Having 2-3 cups of popcorn is completely fine; in fact, you can add some nuts or seeds if you like.

Important note: Just make sure you are not consuming salted or caramel popcorn; only unsalted and plain popcorn is healthy.

2.  Slightly Roasted Peanuts: Munch for Crunch

Usually, the nuts are expensive; however, only peanuts are budget-friendly nuts that you can always stock up on. A small portion or handful of peanuts a day is very beneficial. It is a source of protein, minerals, and fiber; moreover, it’s rich in vitamins as well.

 Important note: One thing to remember is that peanuts are high in calories, so you have to make sure to enjoy them in a very small portion.

3.  Pumpkin Seeds

A snack that is high in zinc mineral, which is extremely beneficial for the immune system and metabolism. Pumpkin seeds are also very good for the heart as well as for the mind. Having a small handful of pumpkin seeds in between work helps with better brainstorming and boosts the skill of thinking. They are the best snack for the office; you can even keep them on top of your working table in a little pot as they are mess-free.

4.  Roasted Chickpeas: The Love

Chickpeas are extremely rich in proteins in comparison to all other nuts and seeds. The perfect crunch will satisfy your munch carvings with a good punch of protein. Moreover, chickpeas are really helpful for losing weight without causing weakness and making you feel full.

5.  Whole Grain Crackers: Perfect Crisp

Crack whole grain crackers to satisfy your snack cravings with lots of healthy benefits. As whole grains have extra fiber, they help to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in balance. Just read the product description first before ordering, and look for wheat or whole grain in the ingredients. Don’t eat the whole pack in one go; take small portions at a time.

6.  Cashews: The Spicy Ones

Rich in antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein, cashews are very beneficial for eyesight, as they help in the better functioning of the eyes. With minerals and vitamins, they are also very good for heart health. You can easily buy a pack of spicy cashews from any online grocery store in Pakistan and enjoy a little potion with intervals.

7.  Mixed Nuts: The Powerful Snacks

Ordering snacks online in Pakistan makes it convenient to shop for the best quality nuts without any hassle. Grab the packs of different nuts of your choice and mix them well. Keep the mixed nuts in a jar and save them in your drawer. Whenever your stomach feels empty or you feel low during work hours, just take a handful of them and enjoy your healthy snacking time.

8.  Lotus Seeds: Worth Trying!

“A snack that has multiple benefits and must be added to the diet is lotus seeds, usually known as makhana. These seeds have all the essential elements like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Lotus seeds are rich in fiber and protein, moreover, the amino acids they contain help to fight aging.” You can order a pack of lotus seeds of your choice as they can be consumed raw as well as roasted.

9. Almonds Covered in Dark Chocolate: Sweet Treat

For satisfying your sweet-tooth cravings, try almonds covered in dark chocolate. Almonds are highly enriched in vitamin E, while dark chocolate recharges you for better concentration and helps you stay focused. Having 4 to 5 dark-chocolate-covered almonds at once is enough to avoid overconsumption of dark chocolate.

10. Baked Chips: Sweet Potato and Apple

The craving for crispy snacks can be satisfied with baked chips, a snack that is easy to carry and shelf-stable. The thin slices of apple and sweet potato go through the process of dehydration. The baked chips of apples are really a good source of vitamin C and vitamin A, however, the baked chips of sweet potatoes are extremely rich in nutrients.

Wrap Up

You can easily find all these healthy snacks at any online grocery store in Pakistan. All you have to do is order all your favorites at once to not run out of healthy snacks. Let’s change the trend of snacks by switching to better and healthier options to stay fit and make snacking only beneficial. The snacks you choose for yourself must be a source of energy and focus rather than making you lose focus and promote fatigue. Don’t forget to try these healthy snacks; you will surely add them to your snack list.

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