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7 Profitable Business Ideas for the 2023 Recession

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Margaret Gelman
Margaret Gelman
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7 Profitable Business Ideas for the 2023 Economic Recession

 Economic recessions lay no mercy on big as well as small-scale businesses. Everyone does face some amount of risk and undergoes losses. It is like tides; the economic cycles tend to fall and rise with time. Despite such a challenge, businesses tend to have specific strategies to boost their firms in no time.

But today, in this world of opportunities, one waits for a successful business to drown and become the next big thing in the place of it. We all are after a perfect moment to start a business. So, even in the recession, the competitors are all set with their eyes on someone’s downfall or a business loophole.

Apart from this option, the digital world has given some hope to hang on with all the firms across the globe. It has provided a steady income source in the form of online ventures. And during the COVID times, we all witnessed the magic of it.

So, in this blog, we will discuss some of the best and most profitable recession-based app ideas for 2023. It simply means that even in an economic crisis, your business will not take the heat of it. These ideas are bound to work for any scale of business. Let’s dive into it quickly!

7 Profitable Ideas for Your Businesses at the Time of Recession in 2023

Recession-proof businesses are certainly irreplaceable ones. The one’s that are always looked out for by every human being. It is our daily needs or services.

Also, sustainable prices are what a business has to work on with online ventures. In the recession, if you want proper engagement online, you need to have budgeted and competitive prices to maintain the balance between your profits and the user’s pocket.

Now, these solutions will provide you with business throughout the year. You never know what the future holds for you, so have a good read and a mental note of these app ideas.

#1 Healthcare

Health is wealth. At all times, we all want our bodies to feel good. We cannot let go of health emergencies. The worst recession cannot stop someone from taking advice from a doctor or going to the hospital for the issue. Thus, developing a healthcare app with all the suitable online functionalities is bound to make profits.

According to a study in 2022, the healthcare sector survived the economic downfall gracefully. There were no staff layoffs; it did have an increase of 1.27% which was commendable compared to other services.

Of course, healthcare services like cosmetics and elective treatments do see a certain setback at such times, but apart from it, the whole industry is recession-proof.

#2 Dump trucks

This particular logistics genre is very underrated by great minds in general. There is a constant surge of transporting cement, iron, bricks, etc., to a construction site. These heavy materials reach safely only with the help of a dump truck.

A dump truck business is a recession-proof idea because there will never be a stop in buying houses or offices. People will accept it as per their budgets, and the makers will build it for years. So, you need to invest in a full-fledged fleet management or logistics app targeting such an industry and make profits along it. You will indeed witness income pouring in, in no time.

#3 Grocery, food, and beverages

We are never going to stop eating or storing groceries. It is a basic necessity to sustain our family and lifestyle. For once, consumers can quit dining out and make things at home in a recession period. So, in such a case, your business will avail profits.

People will always cut their luxuries when it comes to cost-cutting, but these three businesses are our sole needs. Thus, there is ample opportunity for you to conquer the digital and brick-and-mortar space. So, get your business up and running in no time.

#4 Real estate and property management

As we mentioned earlier in the dump truck business, there will never be a decline in buying or building offices and houses. So, the real estate industry has no looking back. A realtor should also have his own logistics online venture to get control of everything.

It is an asset for people who buy it for life. So, it is an equal opportunity for all to invest in such a thing and wait for years to get its fruits. Also, the central banks do lower their rates during recessions to encourage such investments. Hence, you can go ahead with such an industry and secure your future.

#5 Automotive services

The automotive service industry is on the rise. As per a report, it is said to reach $76.91 billion by 2027. Of course, in a recession, people will not buy cars, but they will maintain the ones they already have.

Even during a recession, we are bound to commute and do the necessary bit of our lifestyle. So, a car will indeed need servicing. Additionally, the freight industry has a strong spine capable enough to withhold the automotive industry. Thus, everything will need a certain amount of care after its use, from trucks to cars. Oil change, tire service, mechanical or electrical work, etc., all are managed by a professional. Who will not like such a service at their doorsteps? Do invest in such a business to obtain the best results shortly.

#6 Childcare services

As a result of necessity or personal decision, more and more families today have two working parents. Infants and young children are watched, cared for, and occasionally educated by paid daycare facilities.

Parents may have to work longer hours or several jobs during a recession. Childcare expenses are still one of the last things parents cut back on, despite being historically expensive. Not to mention that they typically account for a sizable portion of their budget. It goes beyond providing a secure environment for your child to stay while you work. It serves as the beginning of many people’s growth and education.

#7 Pet care services

Pet care is a vast industry. People are increasingly mindful of where their money goes when it comes to their pets as awareness of the needs and welfare of animals grows. After the pandemic, this industry has grown in grooming and veterinary care. So, you can try out for such a business.


Having a recession-proof business can offer stability and security during unpredictable economic times. The industries represented by the mentioned recession-proof company concepts range from real estate and healthcare to automotive services and child care. You may position your company for long-term success by selecting critical products that consumers will continue to demand even during a recession.

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