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Top 10 Features Every Sports App Should Have for User Engagement

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Mosche Amara
Mosche Amara
Mosche Amara is a professional sports app developer with extensive knowledge and years of experience. He brings intricate details of the industry to the general masses for better development processes.

Top 10 Features Every Sports App Should Have for User Engagement

Sports is not an activity but an emotion that binds enthusiasts together. From halting everything near a TV and getting the update on the score to simply opening an app to check the score, streaming altered the realities. As streaming got more prominent, sports-watching got harder, offering people ease. Sports apps brought a wave of transformation for every die-hard fan out there.

Sports-centric businesses target sports enthusiasts with feature-rich applications offering one-stop sports solutions. Whether live streaming, ordering merchandise from your favorite team, or booking high-end event tickets, everything is available in just one app. If you are one of the sports businesses that want to elevate the experience with a specific app for the general masses, you must choose an app development company

The sports industry offers more than enough features to its target audience. As a business planning to build a sports app, one should remember ten features their app should have. In order to streamline the development, let us dive deep to understand the necessary features your app should have to ensure user retention. 

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Top 10 Must-Have Features of Every Sports App

1. User Account

Every sports enthusiast has their preference for game, favorite player, and merchandise. Applications that provide personalization encourage users with user accounts. User accounts allow the users to set up their app per their preferences and interests. Whether prioritizing the favorite player’s matches or keeping up with the news related to specific sports, these features change the app’s functioning.

2. Online Ticket Booking

Fans keep an eye on upcoming events and engage with platforms that offer them the feature to book tickets smoothly. Businesses should add online ticket booking features to ensure user engagement. Offering users a smooth interface to book tickets online brings them closer to the sports for future sports events. 

Considering the capability of the app to book tickets smoothly plays a significant role in user retention, businesses should hire dedicated WordPress developers. Professional app developers build apps keeping the interface and functionality in mind to allow users to book their tickets seamlessly. ,

3. Live Streaming

Sports technology has evolved at a rapid speed. From real-time score updates on websites to live streaming the whole match on phones, the technological decade brought an innovative change. Considering businesses are taking their steps towards the live streaming feature, it is high time to incorporate it in your sports app as well. Nothing holds the user more than a seamless live-streaming feature. Building your app with a live streaming feature that offers people an easier way to watch a match from anywhere. 

4. Third-Party Payment Gateway

In-built app purchases bring users to the app for revenue generation. Ensuring that your sports app has a third-party payment gateway and allows users to make transactions for goods and services boosts the app. 

Payment gateway integration is one of the features that is significant regardless of all the other features. Considering the app offers services like live streaming, a merchandise store, or online ticket booking, everything is interconnected. 

5. Merchandise Store

Sports teams found a profitable way to earn money, and that is by selling merchandise. People who love sports often purchase merchandise of their teams during events. Introducing the features of the merchandise store and partnering with a sports team engages the audience like no other. 

With WordPress development services and professionals, businesses can build ecommerce stores for the users. Offering users all types of merchandise like caps, t-shirts, mugs, and many more boosts the revenue generation process. 

6. Offline Mode

Often, there are times when the users are void of internet in their surroundings. In order to engage them during their offline mode builds trust and increases the user retention rate. Businesses must understand the need for offline mode in the applications as they provide user functionalities even when the internet does not surround them. 

7. Social Media Integration

Nowadays, all the apps are connected to social media. This feature eases the sharing processes, and the user finds it convenient. Along with that, when sports businesses offer their users social media integration, it eliminates the process of filling out time-consuming forms. All they have to do is log in with a single click. Convenience is the key to the user’s heart and increment in the retention rate. 

8. Team Catalog

The team catalog is one of the most appreciated features that keeps users updated on their favorite player or team’s upcoming. All they have to do is mark them as one of their preferences and the app itself sends them notification about the next event. When sports business apps consist of such features, the users find it highly preferable as they stay updated in context to interests. Hire WordPress developers with knowledge of integrating team catalog features into your sports app and ensure immense engagement. 

9. News Feed

One of the most significant features that define the relevancy of a sports app is the availability of a news feed. Sports enthusiasts move towards apps that provide them with full-fledged and latest news about their favorite sports and about the sports industry in itself. Building a news feed offers users one-stop sports solutions where they can consume them and stay informed at any given time. 

10. Shortlisting Favorite Events

Integrating widespread calendar apps like Apple or Google can enable users to be informed about forthcoming tournaments or games. It will allow them to schedule their free time and finalize tickets accordingly. 


When building a sports app, businesses should keep in mind to include all the features mentioned as they bring weightage to your app. The more functional features, the more user retention. Users prefer all-in-one features for all the sports-related choices.

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