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The Right Clothes for Your Sunshine:  Everything You Need to Know About Organic Baby Clothes

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Paolo Mancini
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The Right Clothes for Your Sunshine:  Everything You Need to Know About Organic Baby Clothes

Bringing a baby into this world is a hard task. One might even argue that raising a baby is the hardest task a person can achieve. There are so many things you need to do and so many things you need to sacrifice in order to let your baby grow into a perfectly fine and healthy individual. There are the expenses that will take a toll on you big enough that you would have change the way you view your finances permanently, there is the time consuming parts such as waking up in the middle of the night to check up upon your precious one and then there is your baby’s health, the most important part of it all. That’s why throughout reading this article, we will make sure you are free of negative thoughts in at least one category: your baby’s clothes. See, babies’ are fragile, harm can find their way to your baby easily, even though the clothes she wears. That’s why it is a good idea to invest in organic clothes and know which organic baby clothes are safe for you to choose.

What are Organic Clothes?


You probably have heard the term ‘organic’ be used in many different scenarios multiple times, the most popular one being organic foods. That’s why you might not be all that surprised about organic clothes existing as well. Still, it is a good idea to know what they are and what purposes they serve. Firstly, as you might have guessed from the name, organic clothes are clothes made out of materials that haven’t been processed by chemical or industrial methods. This is where their appeal starts. In an age where hazardous chemicals and industrial materials have made their way into everything we use or consume daily, having a reliable natural option that will ensure you stay away from the harms way is really important. Also, organic clothes tend to be more durable and resistable. Since they are made from materials that can’t be faked or mass produced that easily, manufacturers often don’t run away from the responsibility of making high quality clothing from these materials, therefore ensuring the quality of product you get through the product’s lifespan. Therefore, organic clothes are one of the best options out there when choosing clothes.

Organic Baby Clothes: What things to Consider?

Now that we have established what organic clothes are, we can start to talk about organic baby clothes, clothes that are made specifically for your baby’s safety. See, like we previously mentioned, babies are fragile and they need to be taken care of with the most premium materials out there. This includes the clothes you put on your baby as well. Though not harmful enough to cause damage to adults, some chemical or industrial materials that can be used in baby clothes can create dangerous health issues in your baby. So, with all of these said, we can conclude that you should only buy organic baby clothes if you care about your baby’s safety. But what things should you look for when doing so? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Let’s go over the materials you can trust with your baby.

Cotton: The clothes that are organic are made from natural resources. And cotton is one of the most natural, easy to recommend options out there. Firstly, cotton is grown by natural processes only, meaning that there is no chemical fertilizing or anything of that kind present. Also, the texture of cotton, or cotton fabric, is soft and gentle enough that it will, under no circumstance, not create any skin-related issues in your baby. Its smooth and soft texture will make your baby feel as comfortable as if you were holding her in your arms when she’s wearing a shirt made out of pure cotton fabric.

The Right Clothes for Your Sunshine Everything You Need to Know About Organic Baby Clothes-min

Fleece: Next on our list is fleece. This thick and soft material is the perfect candidate to use in blankets or in outerwear clothes with its resistant nature. Fleece is naturally resistant to damage from liquids, thus making any piece of clothing made out of it easy to wash and use for extended periods of times. Also, since fleece can be produced much more cheaply compared to many other materials, your expenses of buying clothing for your baby can also lower significantly. Lastly, as fleece has thick and closely joined strings of fabric, it can hold your baby warm and cozy under any circumstance. That’s why when buying a blanket, a jacket for outdoors or a piece of clothing in that nature, fleece is your best option to choose.

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Minky: The last type of material we want to talk about is minky. Though gaining popularity by each year, minky fabric is still nowhere near the popularity of fabrics like cotton. But don’t let this fool you as they are also one of the best options for your baby. Firstly, minky is a soft fabric that is made out of knitted polyester. Normally, we wouldn’t include any options that aren’t natural, but minky is a little different. It is a material that has proved its safety over and over many times by researchers. That’s why they are getting popular as this all harmless material can be bought at cheaper prices than other materials, saving you some money in the long run. They are soft but not as breathable as other natural fabrics, thus it is best to use them in plush toys or in warm clothings such as blankets or jackets. They are also really popular with DIY projects as they are easy to find and use.


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