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Sunbathing During Pregnancy

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Sunbathing During Pregnancy

Although hot and humid days cause troublesome days and times for expectant mothers, especially in the last months of pregnancy, research shows that sunlight and sunbathing during pregnancy are quite beneficial for pregnant women. As the Enterpriseig team, in this article, we will answer the questions in your mind while talking about the benefits of sunlight during pregnancy.


Benefits of Sunbathing During Pregnancy

Thanks to the ultraviolet rays contained in the sunlight, provide active vitamin D formation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Vitamin D mainly provides the reabsorption of calcium from the intestines, providing the increased need for calcium during pregnancy. Thanks to the increased vitamin D in the body, the calcium required for the baby is met from the food instead of the stores in the bones of the expectant mothers. This situation greatly reduces the risk of osteoporosis in future mothers.

Does Sunlight During Pregnancy Prevent Possible Diseases in the Baby?

It has been shown by research that sunlight during pregnancy prevents immune system diseases that may occur in the baby in the future, that is, diseases such as childhood diabetes or thyroid failure.

How Safe Is Sunbathing During Pregnancy?

As a result of the studies carried out in recent years, “tanned skin” is no longer an indicator of health and beauty due to the risk of sunlight causing skin cancer. In addition, it is known that during pregnancy, sunspots increase with the effect of hormones, and the redness, known as the pregnancy mask, that appears on the forehead, nose, and cheekbones in the last months of pregnancy. Therefore, you can only sunbathe during pregnancy to a reasonable extent.

Another risk factor for sunbathing during pregnancy is the increased sensitivity of expectant mothers to water loss. In summer, extreme heat and sun cause plenty of fluid loss. As a result of fluid loss, the development of a disease called “sunstroke” is also quite high. Excess fluid loss reduces the amount of blood going to the baby, which can be quite dangerous for the baby. For this reason, pregnant people should increase their fluid intake well above normal on hot summer days.


If Sunbathing Has Disadvantages, Where and How Should the Vitamin D Need be Met?

If it is winter during pregnancy or if you do not go out at all, it is quite appropriate to take a small amount of vitamin D supplement together with calcium tablets. If the season is summer during pregnancy, it is quite sufficient to take sunbathe twice a day for 15 minutes, leaving the face and arms exposed.

Are Sun Creams Used for Sun Protection Harmful During Pregnancy?

It has not been fully proven whether the chemicals used in sunscreens are safe for use in pregnant women. For this reason, in principle, it is necessary to avoid using sunscreens, when possible, especially in the first 3 months, but in any case, if you need to stay in the sun for a long time, it is quite appropriate to use sunscreens with a high protection factor.

What Are the Benefits and Harms of Sunlight During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, both the benefits and harms of sunlight can be found. These benefits and harms are listed as follows:

  1. Sunlight is a very natural source for bone development and calcium storage of both mother and baby during pregnancy.
  2. Thanks to the ultraviolet rays it contains in sunlight, it actively provides vitamin D formation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.
  3. Thanks to sunlight, vitamin D took during pregnancy increases the absorption of calcium in the intestines, and thus the increased need for calcium during pregnancy is met.
  4. Thanks to sunlight, the increased calcium is met by food.
  5. With vitamin D taken through sunlight, the risk of osteoporosis, which may occur in later periods, especially during menopause, is greatly reduced.
  6. It has been determined that pregnant women tan faster in the sun with the effect of the increased estrogen hormone during pregnancy, and the spots and freckles on the skin become more pronounced with the effect of sunlight. All these stains and problems can cause skin lesions and pigment problems.
  7. Sun rays can burn the skin, which is very sensitive during pregnancy, and therefore spots may occur. Sunbathing in the shade at short intervals will be a very healthy choice for pregnant people.
  8. During pregnancy, the sun’s rays can create many beneficial and harmful conditions. Expectant mothers should be very careful about these situations.


What Should Be Considered While Sunbathing During Pregnancy?

There are many issues to be considered while sunbathing during pregnancy. These issues are very important for expectant mothers and babies. The points to be considered while sunlight during pregnancy is listed as follows:

  • Care should be taken not to stay under the sun for a long-time during pregnancy.
  • Sunbathing should be done before 11:00 in the morning and after 4:00 p.m.
  • Although the safety of use during pregnancy has not been scientifically proven, high factor sunscreens should be applied to the skin half an hour before going out in the sun if you will be under the sun for a long time.
  • During pregnancy, especially in the summer months, great attention should be paid to fluid loss. At least 3 liters of water should be consumed daily.

While sunlight during pregnancy, attention should be paid to the above-mentioned points, otherwise, the health of both the expectant mother and the baby may be endangered.


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