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New Realities With VR Technology

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Elizabeth Denny
Elizabeth Denny
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Dive Into New Realities With VR Technology

VR technology allows us to experience any virtual reality in the comfort of our homes. It changes the definition of exploring simply by using VR equipment.

VR technology makes its debut in the 21st century at the speed of light. At first, this technology may seem like too expensive and unreachable technology to people but its accessibility and easy usage of this technology won our hearts in no time. There are countless amount of theories, movies, and novels about VR technology that allows us to see so much bright possibilities behind this magnificent technology. The possibility of experiencing and interacting with new worlds and virtual realities online with other people made VR technology popular among us in no time. It allows us to interact with new and exciting virtual realities as if we live in them.

We can play online or offline games, explore virtual realities with our friends and interact with each other as if we are side by side in the comfort of our home. And all we need to do is use a VR headset and two controllers for our hands and then move anywhere in virtual reality simply by walking around our home. VR technology uses either virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that simulate our physical presence in virtual reality.

VR Equipment

To dive into new virtual realities we first need to obtain the right pieces of equipment which are VR headsets and VR controllers. VR headset allows us to experience virtual reality to its fullest. With screens, gyroscopes, and motion sensors VR equipment allows us to feel our physical presence in the virtual reality that we explore.

Virtual reality headset displays are based on technology developed for smartphones including gyroscopes and motion sensors for tracking our head, body, and hand positions; and small screens to provide depth perception. Thanks to the harmony between these technologies, we are able to walk around in the warmth of our home while experiencing and wandering anywhere in the world or any virtual world that we desire.

VR Technology-2

Virtual Reality Simulations

There are three types of virtual reality simulations; non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive. Each of these distinctive simulations gives us different kinds of virtual reality experiences.

Non-immersive virtual reality simulations are already so commonly used in our everyday life. Non-immersive simulations don’t give the feeling of contact with virtual reality such as semi-immersive or fully immersive simulations. Non-immersive simulations require controllers such as a keyboard and mouse for us to be in contact with virtual reality.

Semi-immersive virtual reality simulations give users a partially virtual reality compared to fully immersive virtual reality simulations. Semi-immersive simulations provide virtual reality through vertical reality depth. Users will still be connected to their physical surroundings while experiencing a video or image from a depth perspective. Semi-immersive virtual realities are mostly used for educational purposes and mostly rely on high-resolution displays.

Fully immersive virtual reality simulations like its name give users a fully developed virtual reality experience. Using a headset and controllers in your hand you can hear, walk and keep be contact with the environment in virtual reality. With the Fully immersive we can fully experience 3D virtual reality universes such as metaverse.

Metaverse is an online 3D virtual reality universe that combines different virtual realities together. It is a virtual reality platform that combines working, meeting, and gaming platforms to provide a socializing environment for everyone around the whole world.

The Future of VR Technology

We cannot know what the future holds for us but through our knowledge of VR technology, we can safely assume that this technology will stick with us for a very long time. The only limit of VR technology is our imagination.

With VR technology we can walk down the street, meet new people, play games and have a chat with our friends while standing in our own house. Through 3D virtual reality universes such as metaverse, we can schedule meetings, give panels, open stands, go to any movie with our friends and even participate a concert with other people from all around the world.

As we all know, online education becomes a very important part of our education system. In the near future, we probably won’t even need to go to schools for classes instead all students will participate through a virtual reality headset from their home.

For online shopping, we will wander around malls inside of a virtual reality universe and order anything we want by selecting them with our hands.

But the biggest advancement that VR technology holds for the future would be a functional metaverse platform. Like in the movie “Ready Player One”, a functional metaverse could change all of our lifestyles. A platform like this could provide a new perspective to gaming, social life, home office working, and even the education system that we currently use. People all around the world could join worldwide conferences online you may even make your favorite author give you his or her’s signature as a non-fungible token (NFT).

This kind of lifestyle would seem a little farfetched or unhealthy at first but believe me; VR technology, virtual realities, metaverse, and the new lifestyle that will come with it are going to change the world for good and for the better good.

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