How to Use AI in SEO in 2024?: Top Tools and Key Benefits

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How to Use AI in SEO in 2024?: Top Tools and Key Benefits

Writing SEO-optimized content for a website is always a clever move. Why? Well, it can improve a website’s search engine ranking and drive more organic traffic. However, it is not as easy as it sounds since creating SEO content is often challenging. But thanks to today’s advancements. We can use AI in SEO strategy to reach our goal. 

Incorporating AI in SEO not only improves your marketing efforts but guarantees excessive conversion rates. Seems exciting, right? Thrilling is merely a one-word explanation of what AI can achieve for your digital content. But that is not the whole story.

AI advances the practice of SEO and makes your content more specific and engaging to the target audience. That means you can customize your online content, bridging the gap to the search intent. As a result, AI enhances SEO and saves your precious time in creating content, promising high productivity and improved workflow. 

Nevertheless, to optimize your website with AI, you have to understand what you’re doing upfront. If you’re unsure, we have got your back. The blog of ours is going to cover all of the fundamentals to assist you in working with AI in SEO to the maximum. We will explore the top tools and how you can use them for digital marketing efforts. 

Let’s see if AI is the right solution for your business!

What is the role of AI tools in SEO strategy?

AI is everywhere, from fitness to food, travel, shopping, etc. You name it. In fact, it is ubiquitous to make our lives more better. With any question, we can see that AI tech has more than achieved the goals it was initially intended to do.

Likewise, the role of AI is inexplicably valuable in SEO strategies. As a result, every marketer today uses AI-powered SEO tools to create effective content. They use these tools to analyze keywords and gauge their website’s performance.

Moreover, AI in SEO offers techniques to boost your brand’s profile above your competitors. But can it design a successful SEO strategy? The answer is Yes! AI can devise a perfect plan for your SEO efforts with its ability to read and interpret data. 

Alone and AI can also dig up trending topics and keywords based on your business niche. As an outcome, with the help of AI, you can understand your customer’s behavior and create engaging content in no time.

In short, AI and machine learning services will help you determine which steps would let your website rank higher in the search engine results. 

How will AI benefit your SEO strategies?

AI has transformed many complex business operations, ensuring high productivity and seamless workflow. Quite specifically, AI is now adopted across various facets of the business world. In SEO alone, as per the Forbes Advisor Survey 2023, almost 52% of the respondents utilize AI for tasks like keyword research. So, now, let’s take a close look into the benefits of AI in SEO:

  • Ensure high productivity, efficiency, and speed

How do you think AI can make your SEO efforts efficient and productive? Well, AI can automate complex and time-consuming tasks, giving you time to focus on activities like content creation that need more critical thinking. So, the bottom line here is that you can save time and money in crafting long-form content. 

  • Enhance personalized user experience

With the help of AI and SEO strategies, you can personalize content and improve user experience. How? AI will allow you to offer your customers product recommendations based on their behavior and preferences. Further, AI provides tailored content suggestions and search results for your customers. As a result, you will be promised high conversion rates and brand visibility. 

  • Promise higher SERP ranking

Another benefit of using AI in SEO is that it helps your website reach high ranks on the search engine results page (SERP). This is because AI allows you to craft bespoke content for your website. This ensures a better user experience. Also, AI discovers trending keywords, topics, and content your customers are searching for, lifting your website higher in the search engine results. 

  • Optimize the content

AI and machine learning services can transform the way you create content together. Here, these technologies use algorithms to analyze content quality, readability, and relevancy. As a result, when you use AI for SEO efforts, you can craft optimized content that enhances your brand visibility.

Where can we use AI tools in SEO?

Today, AI is receiving a huge welcome from marketing professionals. The global survey in 2022 approves this fact, showing that 90% of marketers across 35 countries use AI to automate customer interactions on their websites. However, AI in SEO has different use cases, as given below. Let’s check it out:

  • Find targeted keywords and topics

Imagine knowing all your customers are looking for on search engines. Now, that’s exactly what AI SEO tools do. These tools will spot patterns in a large volume of data and suggest what keywords and phrases you should use to drive traffic to your website. 

  • Generate ideas and brainstorm content

With the help of AI in SEO, you will get insights into relevant topics that interest your target audience and industry. Besides, AI will help you find different angles to create engaging content that ranks your website higher on SERP. 

  • Create engaging content

AI SEO tools are an invaluable companion to creating content for your website. All you have to do is provide an initial prompt to the AI. AI will then generate content that helps you flesh out ideas and different perspectives to improve your content quality. 

However, always remember that AI is just a foundation for content creation. That means you will need humans to verify the authenticity of the content and polish it for better readability. Now, let’s see the best AI SEO tools that help boost your website to reach the top search engine ranking page. 

What are the top AI-powered SEO tools in 2024?

ChatGPT is one of the best tools for AI in SEO that has created a buzz in the entire world. Today, according to Forbes, one in three businesses plan to incorporate AI tools to create website content. However, there are many more AI tools available out there. Let’s see: 

  1. MarketMuse


MarketMuse evaluates your existing content to identify gaps to use to your advantage. Moreover, with the help of this AI in SEO, you will get topic recommendations and suggestions to optimize existing content.


  • Compare your content to competitors to enhance your website performance. 
  • Monitors the performance of your optimized content on search engines. 

2. is the best AI SEO software that allows you to manage everything, from keyword research to content delivery, under one platform. As a result, using this tool, you can minimize the efforts of humans in creating content and ensure maximum traffic for your website. 


  • Enables optimized content creation that aligns with SEO best practices.
  • Ensures in-depth keyword analysis to create effective content.                                                                                                                                                                   

    3. SurferSEO

SurferSEO is an AI-powered tool for SEO that optimizes your on-page content. Moreover, this tool uses AI in SEO to evaluate top-ranking websites for keywords and give suggestions to enhance your content performance.


  • Analyze keyword density to create SEO-friendly content.

Enhances websites’ backlink strategy to optimize on-page SEO.   

4. Clearscope

Clearscope uses an AI-driven algorithm to analyze popular articles in your industry and pull out keywords and topics that interest your target audience. As a result, with Clearscope, you can publish relevant articles by crafting content with user intent.


  • Analyses the top-ranking articles on the search engines.
  • Offers suggestions on related keywords and phrases to boost relevancy in your content.


So, there it is – the fascinating advantages of AI in SEO tools. They are entirely transforming the digital marketing world. As a result, the demand for AI in SEO will not only boost user experience but drive more organic traffic. By reading our blog, we hope you have gathered the basics of AI in content creation. So, harness the strength of AI and enhance the full potential of your digital marketing efforts.            

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