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History and Types of Beer

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Emma Davis
Emma Davis
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History and Types of Beer

The history of beer dates back to ancient times. It is among the most popular drinks today and there are many types of beer. It is the third most popular beverage after water and tea. There are also some coincidences in the invention of this popular beverage. While traveling during the nomadic period, people started to search for alternative drinks when their water ran out. Along with these searches, many inventions have emerged. There are many rumors and misinformation about the first beer, but the strongest example is that beer came about by chance.

Etymology of the word “beer

 The Italian word beer is derived from the word “fermented barley drink”. The Italian word evolved from the Latin bībra. The word is derived from the Latin bīber, “all kinds of drink”. The Latin word is derived from the Latin verb bībere “to drink”.

In English beverage means any kind of drink. The Latin word bīber gives this meaning.

History of Beer


There is unclear information about the history of the beer. Because it dates back to ancient times. According to the oldest sources reached, beer was discovered in the Middle East around 10000 B.C. According to sources, beer was found as a result of nomadic people’s search for alternative beverages when they were suffering from water shortages. Another argument is about people producing wheat after they settled down.

There are coincidences in the history of beer. In ancient times, beer was seen as a gift from the gods to humanity. Beer has had various uses in its history. Beer was believed to drive away evil spirits. For this reason, the priests used beer in religious ceremonies and as medicine. During the reign of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ramses III, beer was mixed with honey and used as medicine.

In the beginning, women produced the beer. It is even thought that a woman discovered the beer by chance. It is said that in the time of the Sumerians, a woman left a piece of bread on the edge of the rock, and after this bread was fermented, beer was discovered. however, very precise information about the history of beer cannot be given.

History of beer we do not give very precise details. But we know that social life has increased as humanity began to live together and settled into settled life. Concepts such as brasseries or pubs have emerged. In this way, diversity and developments began to occur in the production of beer. Naturally, the quality of the beer has also increased. Beer history has changed with these developments. Beer then became an industrial product and gradually evolved into what it is today.

Making Beer


Beer has been produced by various methods in the history of beer. Beer is an international beverage and is formulated differently around the world, and there are many types of beer. With subtle touches, the beer can taste different, but basically the recipe is the same.

Main ingredients of beer; water, malt, yeast or hops. The primary process is the preparation of malt. This malt is obtained from barley. The barley is malted at high temperature, which is then roasted and sets the tone for the yellow color in beer. Then these malts are mixed with hot water. In the last step, hops are added. After this stage, the fermentation process is carried out. Depending on the desired taste and consistency of the beer, the fermentation time and temperature change. It totally depends on your taste.

Types of Beer 

Beers are generally classified according to their fermentation patterns. According to the production method, their taste, color and density differ. Beer is an international beverage and beer has a long history. This drink, which has been under the influence of many civilizations for many years, naturally had many types. Basically, beers are divided into ale and lager. But apart from these beers, there are also thousands of different beers.

Ale Beers


Ale types of beers are beers made with the oldest brewing style. The most important feature of these beers is their fermentation temperature. Until the invention of lager beers in the mid-19th century, all beers were top-fermented. So, these were ale beers. Ale beer is a highly fermented beer.

The countries where the production of ales is most common are Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Canada.

Some varieties of Ale

  • Brown Ale
  • Pale Ale
  • Golden Ale
  • Barley Wine
  • Kölsch and more…

Brown ale is a brown-red and sweetish beer. It has a caramelized flavor. The American version is dominated by hops.

Pale ale can also be examined under several sub-titles. However, this beer is produced with more hops than other types of beer. Therefore, it has a slightly more bitter taste. Its color is usually gold and copper. It has a strong aroma.

Golden ale, which is an English beer type, contains flavors such as honey and hazelnut due to the dominant malt in it. In addition, you can get flavors such as spice herbs. This beer, in which hops are dominantly taken, has a bright yellow color. It may also leave a slightly bitter taste on the palate.

Barleywine has nothing to do with wine. The alcohol content of this beer is between 8% and 12%. When it was first produced, it was called Barley Wine because it had a high alcohol content as wine. As you can see, it is a strong beer.

Kölsch is a type of beer with a light-colored, tart taste, especially popular in Cologne, Germany. It is a light colored beer with a sour taste character, with a maximum alcohol content of 3%.

Lager Beers


Lager beers are produced by the bottom fermentation method.

With the technique developed after the industrial revolution, the drying of barley with hot air began. Thus, non-roasted, golden-yellow lagers began to be produced.

Some varieties of Lager

  • Maibock
  • Doppelbock
  • Marzen/Oktoberfest


The “Bock” beer type is available in both very light and very dark colors. The member of this wide beer family, which is in the middle in color, is Maibock. It usually has 6-7% alcohol content. Maibock beer is a beer that is usually produced in the spring. The word Mai means May in German. That’s where the seasonality comes from.

Doppelbock is a stronger and malty beer. In summary, if we think of it in terms of “Doppel”, which is double, we can say that they doubled everything. If you want to try a stronger beer, you can also try eisbock.

Marzen means March in German and is produced in these months. As in all types of lager, it is possible to get the dominant malt flavor in this beer. Apart from this, it is also possible to buy flavors such as bread and hazelnuts.

There are many more types of beer available than the types of beer you have reviewed. Beer today has thousands of flavor scales. For this reason, it is almost impossible to examine all of them. The fact that there are so many types of beer in the history of accidental beer shows us how much beer has evolved.


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