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Advantages of Taking Online MBA in 2024

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Laura Conte
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Advantages of Taking Online MBA in 2024

Online MBA become one of the most sought-after programs in India. The competitive job market and the easy accessibility of online MBAs have contributed to its popularity. But what are the advantages of choosing an online MBA? Will pursuing an MBA will benefit you? In this article, we talk about advantages of Online MBA 2024.

These are some of the questions you often encounter when considering pursuing online MBA courses and programs.

In this blog, we have crafted 11 significant benefits of an online MBA. Let’s dive deep into this piece to read about them in details.

Advantages of Online MBA 2024

1.   Flexibility

Online MBA offers flexibility to aspiring candidates, as the online MBA does not include any fixed schedule, unlike campus-based MBA programs. It allows individuals to pursue the MBA program with their job and daily responsibility. The flexibility of an online MBA also caters to those students who seek to study at their own pace.

2.   Cost Efficiency

Regular MBA fees from top colleges are very high. IIM, the popular institute fee for MBA programs, ranges from Rs. 17 lakhs to 27 lakhs. Other top colleges’ regular MBA fees are also high. However, an online MBA is very cost-efficient. The fees for an online MBA with placement facility start at Rs. 1,20 000/- at one of the top colleges like Shoolini University.  Amity online university fees for MBA programs are Rs. 1,95,000/-.

3.   Creditilibility

Online MBAs are equally accredited and validated by organizations, companies, and employers. University Grants Commission- Distance Education Bureau  (UGC-DEB) regulates the online and distance education program. However, ensure that you pursue an online MBA from universities or colleges accredited by government bodies. You can check the university’s NAAC accreditation, AICTE, and NARC ranking before taking admission.

4.   Personalized Guidance

Most online MBA programs include personalized guidance that assists you throughout your program. This personalized guidance helps you make career decisions, understand crucial topics, and build a resume and portfolio. The continuous guidance also motivates you to continue the program without any hassle.

5.   Improvement in Time Management Skills

Since most of the time, you manage the MBA study with your daily responsibility. It automatically improves your time management skills.  You need to do project assignments, take online classes, and do self-study along with your job. This responsibility encourages you to divide the tasks according to your available time and schedule.

6.   Enhanced Career Opportunity

One of the key benefits of an online MBA is that it helps you enhance your career opportunities. It opens multiple doors for you. Pursuing an online MBA in general management offers you several jobs associated with management positions. Moreover, you can enter the job market with expertise if you do your MBA in a specialized program. This helps you acquire high-paying jobs in the market.

7.   Learning through Modern Technology

Another crucial benefit of online MBA programs is the learning methodology. In an online MBA, you access the education materials and learn online. You can download the ebooks, visit the e-library, join classes online, and view recorded videos on your device. Moreover, you can get support from AI chatbots and by making calls. The University of Amity MBA program is equipped with an AI ( artificial intelligence) professor who transforms the learning process for students.

8.   Exposure to Global Business Practice

In an online MBA, you also get exposure to global business practice. Several universities have online MBA curriculum case studies and projects of the global business world. Moreover, the universities may also collaborate with international business schools to conduct seminars, webinars, or sessions that can significantly shape your skills, business understanding, and networking opportunities for top professionals in the field.

9.   Networking Opportunity

Campus MBA is known for allowing students to build a strong network; online MBA programs are also not behind. Working professionals from different sectors, entrepreneurs, and recent graduates join online MBA programs, offering the opportunity to build a network with diverse people and professionals. Moreover, online MBA programs often have alumni groups working in top companies and organizations to whom you can connect.

10.   Range of Options

In an online MBA program, you receive various options, from choosing the specialization to university. You can pursue an online MBA from any university or college in any corner of the world. For example, you can pursue an online MBA from London Metropolitan University of London, United Kingdom, while sitting at your home in India. The online MBA doesn’t limit you to the boundary or your geographic location. Apart from this, you can also find several specialization options in an online MBA. Different colleges or universities offer different sets of specializations. Some of the common online MBA specializations are:

  • MBA in HR (Human Resource) Management
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Sales
  • MBA in IT (Information Technology)
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Operations Management

11. Tailored Study

Online MBA encompasses tailored learning experiences for the students. Individuals enrolled in online MBAs are often required to study around 15 to 16 hours per week to complete the course on time. The live classes are also conducted on weekends so the individuals engaged in jobs can conveniently pursue their MBA classes. It provides well-structured notes, recorded videos to understand crucial concepts, and the opportunity to participate in webinars, seminars, job fairs, etc. It helps students work on their soft skills and learn the significant concept of management through interactive methods.


Online MBA benefits individuals with a career-oriented mindset who seek to sharpen their skills and bang the high-paying jobs in recognized companies.  Some popular jobs after MBA are HR manager, financial analyst, consultant, business analyst, accountant, operation manager, startup advisor, sales leader, marketer, relationship manager, etc.

You can pursue an online MBA from any recognized university or college in any of your preferred specializations. However, you can take expert suggestions if you require help deciding the right college and specialization.

Edukyu is an online MBA consultant platform with over 5 years of experience that guides students in choosing their MBA specialization and college. Edukyu also helps take admission to the MBA program hassle-free and provides support throughout the course.  The consultancy has a team of MBA experts ready to help you with any queries associated with your career, online education, and MBA program.

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