6 Tips to Have A Productive Day and Time Management

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6 Tips to Have A Productive Day and Time Management 

When we start the day, we may have many things to do. A meeting we need to catch up on, a project we have to deliver, or any job we need to keep our motivation high. But we can’t wake up in the same mood every morning. Sometimes we can’t even get out of bed. There are many methods to start the day more productively and to time management. These methods are tips to make your daily life more efficient. If you apply these methods regularly, you can have a more productive day.

First of all, you should convince yourself that you will be more peaceful and disciplined. You should know that you are ready for this process and that you should be resistant to the difficulties in your life. It is necessary to comply with these conditions such as breathing exercises, time management, or getting up early and be ready for this process psychologically. Everything starts in the mind.


 It is very important to start the day early. You should make your sleeping hours as regular as possible. Waking up early in the morning after a long night is also not very healthy. It is important to go to bed early and wake up early in the morning to be ready for daily challenges.

The most productive hours of the day are the morning hours. In the morning, when the brain is most relaxed and ready to work, you can get rid of many workloads and be more flexible for the rest of the day. Getting up early and working with a fresh mind makes you more productive. In this way, you will be more productive in the work you do in the morning and you will be more effective the rest of the day.

Is waking up early a big challenge for you? Then let us give you some tips.

In order to get up early, of course, it is necessary to go to bed early. You’d better regulate your sleeping hours.

On the other hand, after getting up in the morning drinking a glass of water with a slice of lemon in it will make you feel good. Warm water with a slice of lemon thrown into it accelerates your metabolism and ensures you start the day well. In addition, if you eat an apple, it will give you more caffeine than you will get from coffee, and you will start the day more vigorously.

You can take a shower before going to bed for a peaceful night’s sleep. A hot shower gives you a much deeper and healthier sleep. In this way, you can wake up more rested in the morning. Then you can have a productive day with that.


 The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Do not skip this meal. Having a healthy breakfast positively affects all your energy throughout the day. If you don’t have such a habit, change it immediately. You will really feel the difference.

Choose the foods you will eat for breakfast from foods with high nutritional value. A healthy breakfast makes you have an energetic day. In addition, a good breakfast is very helpful for your memory. Increase your concentration.

Apart from the importance of breakfast as a meal, another importance is related to mental health. We recommend that you really feel the foods you eat while having your breakfast. Be aware of your breakfast. Don’t watch TV or be on the phone while having breakfast. Have a conscious breakfast. Because breakfast has many biological benefits as well as spiritual benefits. Therefore, being aware of the bites you eat and really feeling them will be good for your soul.


6 Tips to Having A Productive Day and Time Management-2


You can make a to-do list to increase your productivity. In fact, a list made using pen and paper instead of a digital one may be more effective for you.

Putting the tasks that you will do during the day and during the week on the list makes it easier to remember those tasks and as you complete the list, your motivation increases. You can start with simple tasks first. A list of items such as a shop, and wash the car can be good to start with. Then, by adding more major items and completing these tasks, you can increase your motivation and be more effective in your work.

According to research, making to-do lists also strengthens memory and this technique is very helpful for time management. Thanks to these lists, your brain will be more active and you will be able to manage your time more easily. If you divide your day into time zones with the items on this list, you can be more productive in your work.


 Starting the day with exercise will be a more energetic start. Exercising is very important to be healthier both mentally and physically. With a healthy body, you will feel better emotions during the day and your self-confidence will increase. In this way, you will be more productive in the work you do during the day.

Starting the day with sports will give you a spirit of challenge. You will get into the habit of doing sports every day. Making a new habit will also be more useful for your time management.

On the other hand, starting the day with sports speeds up your metabolism. In this way, your blood flow accelerates and you can be more effective in the work you do during the day. Especially if you have a job where you work sitting, doing sports before starting the day will be a very healthy activity for you.

Exercising causes the release of endorphins in your body. We think that having more endorphins during the day will not do you any harm. It is inevitable to be productive on a day you spend laughing and being happy. Your communication with people will be strengthened and this will make you feel good.


 You should take time for yourself in your busy work schedule and life struggle. It is very useful to do activities outside of work to feel good about yourself. To empty your mind, you should also spare time for the beauties outside. Seeing your friends, spending time with your family, or seeing natural beauties will make you feel good.

It is human nature to be social. We cannot lead a business-oriented life only, or the suggestions we give are not just for success in business life. It is very important for a person to feel good and have inner peace at every moment of the day. Socializing is a great way to do this. Try smiling and thanking people. Don’t forget to have a few drinks with them or go out to dinner in the evening.

You should not forget to take time for yourself, even being alone can sometimes be a very good therapy method. But you can also practice the activities we mentioned in other titles with your friends. Communicating with people will make you feel better and more peaceful in your daily life.


 Likely, “water”. As everyone knows, water is the most useful thing. While we sleep at night, think, or move, our body consumes water. To meet this water, we should drink plenty of water. Especially after waking up in the morning, starting the day by drinking two glasses of water accelerates your metabolism. Water is an essential material for a productive day.

In conclusion, you have to be more disciplined, healthy, and programmed to be more efficient and productive during the day. If you make these suggestions a lifestyle, you can spend happier days. When you feel ready for this process, start applying the suggestions and don’t forget to drink water…





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