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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of your E-Commerce Agency

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of your E-Commerce Agency

Your eCommerce website is in need of a major overhaul. Integrations are malfunctioning, the site’s performance is sluggish, the user interface looks outdated, and manual back-end processes are consuming precious time that could be used for strategic initiatives. Selecting the right e-Commerce agency becomes crucial, but how do you make the best choice? Moreover, ensuring a smooth project execution and being an ideal client are equally vital.

To tackle these challenges, we sought insights from three seasoned eCommerce agency experts. Here, we present their advice on how to navigate through the process, ensuring a successful project outcome.

  • Choose the perfect agency for your business
  • Promote collaboration and shared goals
  • Proactively address challenges throughout the entire development process
  • Optimise time to achieve desired outcomes and minimise resolution time in case of issues.

5  Tips From Professional

1.  Choosing the Ideal Agency to Cater to Your Unique Requirements

Each business is distinct, implying that not every agency will be a suitable fit for your company.

Investing additional time in the initial stages to discover the perfect partner can prevent conflicts, delays, and misunderstandings down the road.

When commencing your assessment, examine the following aspects of an agency:

Agency Experience and Project Evaluation

It’s essential to assess whether the agency has handled clients of a similar size and industry. To validate their claims, review case studies on their website and inquire about project outcomes during your consultation call.

Even if the eCommerce agency hasn’t worked with a company identical to yours, consider giving them an opportunity. While industry experience holds significance, the number of successful implementations can be equally valuable, as pointed out above.

Best Practices

Top-notch agencies adopt superior methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, such as code repositories, validated coding practices, automated code quality testing, and a well-structured release process. This ensures a seamless progression from development to testing, staging, and ultimately, production.


It is crucial to collaborate with agencies possessing skilled professionals capable of delivering outstanding results. Their developers should hold certifications in your chosen eCommerce platform and have expertise in areas you aim to enhance, such as:

  • Optimising conversion rates
  • Improving eCommerce UI/UX
  • Ensuring website accessibility and compliance
  • Providing managed hosting solutions
  • Implementing headless architecture
  • Creating custom integrations

Understanding an agency’s project approach is vital to determine if it aligns with your preferred working style.

Beth highlighted the significance of the discovery phase, where the agency thoroughly reviews your requirements, establishes a robust roadmap, and sets mutual goals.

It’s essential to identify agencies that genuinely seek a partnership with you. Look for signs of active listening and creative ideas to save costs or boost revenue based on your input.

Additionally, consider your company’s core values when choosing an agency. Ensure that the people in the agency are pleasant to work with and share the same priorities as your business.

Remember, a likeable agency is crucial because you’ll be working through challenges together, and open, transparent communication is necessary to strengthen the partnership.

2. Be Prepared to Get What You Pay For

Similar to any service, agencies charge fees that correspond to their time and expertise.

the finest agencies may not be the cheapest, but they invest in outstanding talent capable of executing successful projects. They are reliable, thorough, and take full ownership of the project, incorporating client input without the need for micromanagement.

On the other hand, freelancers or budget-friendly development agencies lack such assurances and can pose significant risks, potentially leading to more work and complications for you.


  1. Active Engagement and Commitment to the Project

It’s crucial to recognize that eCommerce projects require active involvement from both the agency and the clients. While the eCommerce agency takes on most of the workload, clients must be fully engaged, present, and willing to participate in various stages, including discovery, weekly discussions, and quarterly recap meetings.

Client input is essential to deliver precisely what they desire. To streamline the process, all three experts suggested designating a knowledgeable and highly-engaged point of contact (POC) who can act as a liaison between the client and the agency project teams.

At Evrig Solutions, we prioritise transparency in our processes. We grant access to the same ticketing systems and Slack channels for everyone involved. All stakeholders are invited to meetings, ensuring a clear understanding of how we work, which enhances project engagement.

Our agile approach encourages clients to focus on use cases rather than pre-designing solutions. This allows our development team to identify the most efficient solution for the problem at hand. For instance, during a recent project, a prospect needed two separate shopping carts on Shopify. However, a deeper understanding of the use case revealed a simpler, more cost-effective solution that achieved the core goal, illustrating the benefits of our transparent and collaborative approach.

  1. Maintain Transparent Communication

Web development is intricate, with various components to manage, making alignment and communication a challenge.

Ensure your agency establishes regular touchpoints that involve decision-makers, even after the website goes live. Active participation from key stakeholders is crucial to avoid incomplete assessments or misunderstandings. Lack of input can lead to frustration and project pivots.

Prompt and open communication with the agency is vital. Addressing problems immediately can prevent issues from escalating into disasters.

During vendor evaluation, inquire about the agency’s communication practices. Utilising common instant messaging platforms, sharing regular updates, and scheduling recurring meetings are indicators of effective communication.

Whether it’s a new website build, replat forming, or custom functionality development, challenges are inevitable in any project.

Even with thorough discovery processes and excellent project management, issues like misestimate deadlines, unexpected bugs, edge cases, and miscommunications may arise. While it’s natural to feel upset, maintaining professionalism is crucial. Abruptly firing the agency can be costly and detrimental to your project’s progress.

Remember, you’ll likely be working with the eCommerce agency for a considerable duration (projects often last at least six months), so preserving a positive relationship is essential. Stay composed and focus on resolving the situation collaboratively to achieve a Swiffer resolution and strengthen your bond with the agency team.

Collect specific information, such as device details and browser types, and use screenshots or videos to illustrate the issues. Be available to answer questions and try to stay composed throughout the process.

  1. Maintain Your Composure

Whether it involves creating a new website, transitioning to a different platform, or designing unique features, the truth is that there will be instances of issues arising during various stages of your project.

As mentioned by Beth, “In the realm of software development, encountering bugs is inevitable. It’s just how things work. Even Apple experiences glitches on occasion.”

Despite employing thorough discovery methods and effective project management, miscalculations in delivery timelines, unforeseen software glitches, unique situations, and communication errors can still occur. It’s human to feel frustrated by these situations, but it’s important to maintain a professional demeanour. Abruptly terminating a contract with a agency can be an expensive choice that will only hinder the progress of your project.

It’s likely that you’ll be collaborating with this eCommerce agency for an extended period (as most projects span a minimum of six months), and it’s advisable to avoid damaging any relationships. Instead, make an effort to keep in mind that their intention is to provide assistance.

According to Jared, “Our purpose is to assist you, no matter your demeanor. However, it’s crucial to realize that emotionally intense responses don’t just conclude in that instance. Your reactions carry consequences throughout our interaction. Every agency makes errors; the superior ones acknowledge them, rectify the situation, and progress ahead.”

Maintaining composure and directing your efforts towards resolving the issue can result in a quicker solution and contribute to fostering a more robust rapport with the agency’s team.

Therefore, collect a wealth of precise details. Inform them about the device, operating system, and browser contributing to the problem. Utilize screenshots or videos to visually illustrate the issue to your agency project manager, rather than merely describing it. Make yourself accessible for inquiries and aim to maintain a composed demeanour.


Partnering with Evrig Solutions, a leading eCommerce development company, can unlock the full potential of your online business. By following best practices, maintaining open communication, and fostering a collaborative environment, you can ensure a successful eCommerce project. Evrig Solutions’ transparent processes, experienced team, and commitment to client satisfaction make them an ideal choice for achieving your eCommerce goals. Together, we can navigate the complexities of web development, deliver exceptional results, and build a strong and enduring partnership that drives your business to new heights in the competitive online landscape.


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